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“Anti – Martingale and “1-3-2-6” Betting strategies in sportsbooks



All players (both novice and experienced) probably know the so-called Martingale system (read more), which was derived from the world of casinos.

The principle of the system is simple. To determine an initial bet amount and you increase this twice or three times in the next bet round and so, in the case of a loss. However, you go back to wager the initial bet amount when you start to win. But the disadvantage of this method is pretty obvious; you can easily lose your entire bankroll during a long series of unsuccessful bet.

Therefore, players who like the idea of the Martingale system began modifying it to reduce risk and to reduce the collapse of bankroll with a series of lost bets. One of these strategies for single bets at sportsbooks is “Anti Martingale” and “1-2-3-6”, which will be discussed today.

Anti Martingale System

In principle, the system of Anti Martingale is the same as the generic Martingale; just the positive progression is in reverse. If had to raise the bets after a loss in the Martingale system, then it is contrary in the Anti-Martingale system – the bet rises after a win!

What happens: Now a series of guessed Bets will bring us much more profit, and a series of losses will not tear down the bank. So let’s look more in details:

– Suppose we bet $ 1 and it wins

– Our next bet would be $ 2 (2 × 1), and this also wins

– The next bet we would be $ 4 (2 × 2)…

– If the bet loses on any level, we start again with $ 1

But keep in mind that while you venture mainly to risk with winnings on a series of wins, in the case of a loss after winning streak – You lose too much as well!

It is therefore very important in the application of the Anti-Martingale tactics to return to the original bet amount after a series of wins (for example, after 3 wins in a row). The sequence of successful bets you can afford is up to you, based on the size of your bankroll and the amount of the initial bet.

1-3-2-6 System

The so-called system of “1-3-2-6” came to the sportsbooks, as well as the previous one, from the classic roulette game in the casino. Its principle is similar to the previous system, except that there is more reduction in loss from unsuccessful bet (after 2 to 3 guessed bets in a row), and for a series of four consecutive victories you can win a lot.

More So (1 part is the bid amount that you can afford, for example – $ 1, 3 parts – $ 3 and so on…):

– For example, we wager 1 part and the bet wins

– The second bet will be 3 parts, and this wins also

– Third bet will be 2 parts, and if this bet wins

– The fourth bet will be 6 parts

– If the fourth bet wins, then the cycle starts all over again

– If any level of the bet cycle loses, then the cycle starts again

Please note that the system can be profitable only if you know how to select good matches, because often it is desirable to guess 2 to 3 results in a row. If you will lose the first bet too often (losing an irretrievably 1 unit), you will be in minus at a distance.