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TheLotter is a unique trading service for all major lotteries in the world, win the real jackpot. Buy Lottery.

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About TheLotter

Have you ever won the lottery? And how about ripping the biggest Jackpot in the world without leaving your chair? In addition, it is unnecessary to travel the distance to buy a lottery ticket. One of the biggest lottery services of the world called “TheLotter” will do it for United States customers! Yes, it’s not a joke, and my recent article will try to elaborate on this unique lottery service, as well as test it in action. So let’s start!

In the world of a huge variety of lotteries in each country there is for sure at least one in your city. They all offer jackpots (large and very large) for a certain number of correctly guessed numbers. Gamblers and lovers of lotteries are very many, and they are usually not satisfied with their local lotteries. But as we would like to take part in the biggest lotteries in Europe and the US, in which the size of jackpots reach hundreds of millions of dollars that have a long history, honesty and stability.

But how will one achieve this, how does one participate in New York or German lottery without leaving home? It is this issue that the founders of the TheLotter service seek to resolve, when they opened their service in 2002. It was a lot of work as they needed to open offices in each country; the lottery which they offered to their users to play; hire staff in the US, which would buy lottery tickets, charge and scan into your account as well as pay out. The service has developed and continues to develop, the site supports 14 languages till date, there are applications for mobile devices (Android, iPad, iPhone), you can take part in 49 lotteries in the world, thanks to the lottery service missions in all continents (except Antarctica, but this can also be achieved…). The list of lotteries is constantly updated with new countries, and the least profitable service is cleaned.

TheLotter paid more than 25 million dollars of honest gains to its most successful players, people of different nationalities (more than 860,000 people) have become richer, thanks to TheLotter!

How does TheLotter work?

There is no form of virtuality — all tickets are bought for you from the lottery terminals, you receive a notification via email, and you, and only you get the prize!

Another huge advantage of TheLotter service (visit site) is that all your winnings in the amount of up to $2,500 are awarded directly to your account instantly (usually within an hour), they can be as easy as buying lottery tickets, and output is done in a very convenient way for you. If your gain is more than $2500, it will be credited to your account only after you cash out your tickets in prize distribution at your local Thelotter lottery employees.

If you get really lucky, and you hit the jackpot or any other major prize, then you have to go in person (in the representative office in the country in which you won the lottery) to claim your prize. You will hand over your ticket there and, together with a representative of TheLotter at the issuance point where you won the lottery ticket then you can cash out your winnings.

TheLotter takes no commissions on wins; commission is taken only when buying a ticket (included in the price), which is why the ticket costs a little more than a usual bingo-hand. This is not unusual, as the service should pay for the work of employees out of this fee. After all, who else will give you a chance to compete for the jackpot in, say, 100 million dollars? So overpaying 0.5 – $1 per field is just nothing compared to the possibility of becoming a multi-millionaire!

Also in TheLotter, you cannot buy just one field (optional), service employees simply cannot cope with the influx of single bets. For each lottery (depending on the value of one field in the checkout spread lottery) there is a proposed minimum number of fields for purchase (for example, in USA Powerball 3 fields, and in Australia OzLoto their already 6). Thus, your chances of winning only increase – remain all satisfied!

TheLotter – Bonuses and Promotions


TheLotter gives one free raffle ticket as all its new players make their first deposit! How it works: you deposit in your account, buy your first lottery ticket, and your account is instantly credited with a bonus worth the cost of the purchased ticket!

In addition, the service constantly avails weekly discounts. Some lottery these days avail 10% discount for all players. But for the most active players who hunt for success on a grand scale, TheLotter established the so-called VIP Club. VIP points are awarded to players for particular actions (deposits, buying lottery and so on), which these determine the VIP status as well. For every 1-dollar spent, you get 1 point. Depending on the status of the player, there are bonuses – free tickets, regular discounts and VIP Support.

Let’s get more info:

– VIP Bronze Level (51-200 points): discount of 2.5%
– VIP Silver level (201 – 500 points): 5% discount
– VIP Gold level (501 – 2,000 points): discount of 7.5%
– VIP Platinum Level (2,001 – 5,000 points): 12.5% discount
– VIP Diamond Level (5000+ points): 20% discount

Also regularly hosts special events for all members of the VIP Club. Your current VIP status is displayed in your account (in “My Account” section).

TheLotter – How to Buy a Lottery Ticket

So, your account is full. That’s why it is a high time to participate in the thrilling lotteries in order to win Jackpot! The list of all available lotteries that can be bought in TheLotter is located in the category “Play Online”. At the moment 49 lotteries are available.

The list includes: the lottery name, the sum of the current Jackpot (used the currency of the country where the lottery takes place), the time and date of the closest draw (countdown) and the button “Play” (the link for the arrangement of your combination of the winning numbers).

To make an example I chose “Poland Lotto 6/49” and bought ticket for the closest draw. Let’s take a closer look.


– As you can see, for this lottery you can buy a ticket with number for filling 4 fields minimum. Mark the field you want and by means of the Numbers Selector choose the numbers in your combination. Prior to registration of your payment at any time you can change the combinations.

– Some lotteries presented at TheLotter allow you creating a combination system (e.g. – 8 numbers, etc.). You choose the number, and the software automatically calculates all possible combinations of these numbers. Thus, such approach greatly increases your chances of winning, but the ticket price is also increasing.


– You can also click “Auto Selection” and the combination of all of the fields at random will be typed by the software (numbers generator). Some players believe that this method is more profitable in terms of luck, you never know…

– Then choose how many consecutive draws you want to take part in (we offer a discount). Please note that if you choose to successive draws, then they will participate in draws only created by the combination.

– You can check “Save as my lucky numbers”. If you use combinations in the lottery are the same number, but in future it will be possible to click “My lucky number,” and the software will automatically make the combination of these numbers only.


– Then click the button “Play”. The system will ask you to double-check whether all numbers were properly drawn up and if so – confirm buying of a lottery ticket.


– After this, information about your ticket will be displayed in the menu “My Account”. The ticket may have the status:

• “Active” (the ticket has been bought but the draw is yet to begin);
• “Closed Draw” (the draw has been done or all tickets were sold);
• “Being processed” (lottery results are known, and the software calculates your winning or losing results);
• “No win” (your combination did not win);
• “Winning” (you had a winning combination and won money).

The final count will be performed only when the service officially load the results of the drawing. But you are free to watch them on third-party sites (eg – the official website of the lottery).

– Click the chosen ticket to see the details. Pay attention to the right corner of the screen – before you buy a ticket and won’t not upload the scan into your account the following message will be displayed:


– As soon as employees of Thelotter will buy your ticket and execute the scan (usually during a day), it will appear like this:


– After counting results information about the drawn numbers you’ve matched will be displayed. Here we will show the winning amount if the ticket won.


– I want to remind– all wins up to $ 2,500 will be transferred to your account (after staff will cash your ticket), you can withdraw money or use it to buy lottery. And if you’re lucky enough to hit the jackpot bigger, the employees of TheLotter will contact you (usually by telephone) and tell you how to get the win.

Thelotter – Syndicates


Since recently, the service of TheLotter are introduced a unique feature that increases the chance of winning the jackpot in the hundreds of times – a “Syndicate”!

You’ve probably heard more than once that lottery participants together in groups to buy more tickets and increase your chances of winning the main prize. Now it can be done in the automatic mode on The Lotter!

How does it work:

– To buy “Syndicate” feature in The Lotter available following the lottery: USA Power Ball, Euromillions, EuroJackpot, USA Mega Millions, Canada 649, South Africa Powerball, Russian Gosloto …;

– For each syndicate there is a certain number of available fields (one field – one share), you can buy any number of shares in the syndicate;

– Once all the redeemed shares in the syndicate to buy immediately the same will be available to new versions (for example, there was available 50 fields, all of them were bought and who bought them, and it will be included in the syndicate);

– All winnings falling on the empty fields in the syndicates are divided between all the members of the syndicate, depending on the number of “shares”, acquired by each participant. For example, if the Syndicate “bought” 50 fields and you have purchased 1 field of them, you will get 2% of the total winnings for each share.

– It does not matter who in the Syndicate predicted the winning numbers, prize still will divided equally between the shares!

As you can see, the chance of winning the lottery with a syndicate increases significantly (depending on the number of participants in the syndicate), ticket prices falling, but in the case of a big win, he is divided between its participants. Therefore, only you can decide how to play the TheLotter!

TheLotter – Subscriptions.

For those who regularly take part in one or more lotteries and want to get an additional discount because of their loyal activity, Thelotter provided service of subscriptions. Let’s take a closer look:

– Subscription. Once you have chosen a number combination, click “Play” and confirm your purchase – and there you can select the option of subscription. You can choose any number of draws, any number of combinations being a subscriber. At any time you can edit the membership (extend, suspend, change numbers, and so on). To activate subscription, your account must have a sufficient sum o fmoney (and if you are using credit cards for input and output – it is possible to withdraw funds directly from a card for convenience). You get the bonus when using activated Subscriptions option when you receive every 10 tickets and 25 free VIP points.

TheLotter – Viewing results

From now you do not have to search for the lottery results online. TheLotter makes sure that you find out the results firsthand. To do this, click on the menu’s item “Results” and select the lottery to view results.


TheLotter – What lottos to choose?

As I have already said, TheLotter offers a huge number of lotteries from around the world. Each loot offers different jackpots, different number of prize categories and different price for tickets. How to choose the lottery to have the greatest chance of winning and do not overpay for tickets? Now we will discuss some of the available lotteries that we offer.

TheLotter has lotteries’ classification in two ways: the best chance of winning (The Smart) and the Largest Size of Jackpot (TheBig). Hover over the “Play Online” => “Lottery Categories” and select the category.

TheSmart means that all lottery presented in this category are more likely to bring you the win. What does it – the best chance of winning? For example, if you want to guess the 3 numbers in the lottery “6 out of 49”, then your chances of making it are estimated at 1 to 57 (ie, 57 possible combinations are bound to be at least one guessed). And if you want to guess the 3 numbers in the lottery “6 out of 90”, the chances increase to 1 to 327. You see, it’s easier to win, where the chances of winning are higher. But, as a rule, the payouts are more where “getting lucky” chance is less.

Let’s review the lotteries in the category Smart:

Australian Saturday Lotto. It is a very popular Saturday lotto in Australia and very profitable. Jackpot is issued for 6 out of 45 numbers (instead of the usual 6 of 49) – and it offers a fantastic chance comparing with other lotteries 1: 8,145,000!!! Thanks to two additional number ball picks you will have a better chance to compete for six minor prizes.

Australian Oz Lotto. This is another Australian lottery held on Tuesdays. Characterized by very large amounts of Jackpots with a greater chance of winning (you need to guess first 7 balls out of 45). And 2 extra ball picks increase the chances of winning in the additional categories of money prizes.

La Primitiva Spain. The most popular lottery in Spain and one of the most famous lottos in Europe, held 2 times a week. Still it has one of the largest amounts of jackpots to the standard scheme “6 out of 49 plus an extra ball”, plus four additional categories (second prize is rarely less than 1 million Euros !!!).

Dupla Sena Brazil. It is one of the most popular lotteries in South America due to the unique structure! Each draw of the lottery “6 of 50” is played with a combination of 6 numbers, each of which can cause winnings! In addition, it is the cheapest lottery in TheLotter service – just $ 3 per 3 fields!

South Africa Lotto. It is one of the best lotteries with the ratio “Ticker price – Chances – Jackpots”. The popularity of the lottery in South Africa has erased all bounds – more than 80% of the population aged over 18 years participates. About 714 jackpots have been won and winning tickets in the history gathered over 300 million! Guess 6 out of 49 picks and check for jackpot results 2 times a week.

Florida Lotto. One of the many American lotteries offers a good chance of winning the big jackpot!

New Jersey Pick Six. The lotteries’ jackpot grows to $ 250 000 with each draw, and to get it you need to guess the full combination “6 of 49”. Also there are 3 additional prize categories.

Brazil Mega Sena. The largest jackpot is waiting for you! Guess 6 numbers out of 60 and win the magnificent prize. And thanks to the draw, double Lototron chances are doubled! Additional two prize categories can also offer good sums to win.

Poland Lotto. The lottery 6 of 49 is held 3 times a week, and thanks to the high chance of winning, the draw of jackpot happens almost every month! Try your luck!

TheBig. Are you not interested in the theory and expectations, do you just need more jackpots? Then Lottery section called “TheBig» is for you!

USA Mega Millions. The most famous lottery is not only in the US but all over the world! In March 2012, the lottery spent the jackpot of $ 656 million dollars, the largest in the history of world lotteries. To win this fantastic prize you must guess 5 of 56 (plus one ball out of 46). Another feature is the option MegaMillions «Megaplier» – pay the extra price for the ticket and if you fall through one of the 8 additional prize categories, winning sum for it will increase by 4 times!

USA PowerBall. The minimum size of the jackpot of this American lottery is 40 million dollars and it increases by 10 million with each draw. The rules are identical to MegaMillions lotto, and the second prize for the guessed 5 numbers rarely drops below 1 million USD!

Euro Jackpot. The “youngest” lottery of Europe, however, the amount of Jackpots is breathtaking. To win the biggest prize, you need to guess 5 of 50 plus 2 numbers from 1 to 8. In addition, you can get a prize in 10 (!!!) minor categories.

California Super Loto. The biggest Lottery of West Coast gives you a chance to compete for the jackpot estimated in tens of millions of dollars! What would rip him to guess 5 of 47 plus an extra ball from 1 to 27. There are also additional 8 categories.

France Lotto. This French lottery gives a great chance to hit Jackpot guessing 5 of 49 plus 1 extra ball out of 10. In addition, there are 9 categories to get minor awards.

Euro Millions. The most famous lottery in Europe offers the huge amounts of Jackpots. Guess 5 of 50 plus 2 balls from 1 to 11 and wake up a millionaire! You can be a winner in one of the 12 additional prize categories.

Other lotteries available in TheLotter:

– Australia – Monday Lotto
– Austria – Lotto
– Brazil – Quina
– California – SuperLotto Plus
– Canada – Lotto 649
– Colombia – Baloto
– France – Loto
– Germany – Lotto
– Greece – Joker
– Greece – Lotto
– Ireland – Lotto
– New Jersey – Pick 6 XTRA
– New York – Lotto
– New Zealand – Powerball
– Romania – Lotto 6/49
– Russia – Gosloto 6/45
– Spain – El Gordo
– Spain – La Primitiva
– Switzerland – Lotto
– Ukraine – Megalot
– Ukraine – Super Loto
-U.K. – National Lottery

and more…

TheLotter – Tips and FAQs

-Try to buy a lottery ticket at-least 2 days prior to the draw. Of course, you can buy up to closing sales on TheLotter, but in this case, the service’s workers probably just will not have time to download the scan ticket in your account prior to the processing, but still load it later.

– Keep in mind that many American lotteries issue the tax charges on Jackpot, sometimes quite considerable (30%). Winning the jackpot amount you will pay less taxes included. In order to pay in the US lottery jackpot is the rule: if you want to pick it up immediately and in cash, you will be given only 50% of the amount of your prize (the rest will go to charity). To get the whole amount you can claim if you agree to a “deferred payment” – in this case, the Jackpot will be paid within thirty 30 years with annual installments.

– Many users have a question about how honest the services like TheLotter? Of course, many people think that if they frustrate the jackpot winning ticket then they will not give up. But let’s think logically – the service has been active for more than 10 years, the main income from interest received from the sale of which millions of dollars each year, has offices in dozens of countries! The cost of such a business can reach more than one billion dollars, all the more so TheLotter is an undisputed leader in the industry of the lottery’s mediation. Tell me – is it possible to lose all this for the sake of the stolen player jackpot and fleeting benefits? Of course, not. In addition, these services are bound to have insurance of contracts, so that if the light-fingered staff member will assign a ticket, you will still be paid to the winning of the insurance fund.

– Jackpots and other prizes won in the TheLotter are paid in the currency of the country where the lottery was held. Therefore, you can convert the amount of your prize e in any currency by means of our online converter.

TheLotter – Finance

Transfer method Deposit Withdrawal Min. amount (D/W)
Bank wire transfer £25/varies
Visa £25/£1
Mastercard £25/£1
Webmoney £25
Skrill £25/£1
Neteller £25/£1
JCB £25/£1
POLI £25
Entropay £25
Discover £25/£1


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