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Sportsbetting – 10 Tips

Just having the ability to analyze and predict the outcome of games is little, in order to become a successful player at bookmaking. A lot of young players dish out a lot of hope, accumulating an impressionable winning streak over a few months, but then lose everything in an instant. You need to determine your own rules and live by them in order not to fall in the category of these players:


1. You should not bet on a team that you like.
It is fact that almost every fan cannot objectively assess the winning chances of their favorite team. One way out is to avoid betting on these games.

2. Never try to recoup
Unsuccessful season occurs for each player, but that’s no reason to disable the brain and thoughtlessly increase Bet exponentially. Most players lose their jackpot just because they could not control their desire to win back the bookmaker.

3. Take the time to make your prediction on the game.
A well thought out prognosis in a day is worth more than three, made in haste. Take the time to analyze a single game, disassemble it “in segments”; determining the probability of the outcome of an event or the other and as a result you give away a good prognosis with high practicability. You definitely do not have enough time to thoroughly analyze a few games in a day.

4. Make Bet only with “fresh” head
Each person in life has these times when he simply loses touch with reality; it could be as a result of a quarrel with a friend, parental illness or simply weariness. Even excessive mental activity appears as a major obstacle to focus and make the correct prediction for games. If you feel that you have something making you feel depressed, it is better to wait till better times before making bet.

5. Trust your intuition
Do not rely on it always and everywhere, but trust in it.

6. Local victory is not important, but the general result is
Never get discouraged after a bad day. You need to pay importance to the results after a long game with the bookies, end of months, or end of the year…

7. Do not raise bet
There are many game strategies in betting offices, which are based on the Bet increase after a loss. They all will work only on one condition, if you are not strapped for cash. But as the bankroll to play in the average betting offices rarely exceeds 10 thousand dollars, and it makes no sense to bet based on these strategies. Better just to specify the size of your bet (usually 2-4 percent of the overall bank), and never deviate from it.

8. Hundred percent results do not exist!
Even if all speaks in favor of one of the teams, that’s no reason to put all-in! Sports history knows many cases where the most obvious underdog pulled out the victory against the favorite team.

9. Do not buy predictions for games
Let’s not say that all the sport forecasts being sold on the Internet, will lead to your ruin, nonetheless, it is not so. There are a sufficient number of forecasters who make a monthly profit of 10-15% of the total bankroll, but do you think it would be profitable for you? Successful forecasters charge a lot of money for their predictions, and you have to be the owner of a decent bankroll to justify such cost. If you are not, then it makes no sense to buy other people’s forecasts, it is better you keep your money.

There are some other people who sell the results of negotiated games; the price is usually ten times more expensive than conventional forecasts. This is the dark side of sports betting and best not to come in contact with such. No one has yet seen examples where ordinary people become rich by buying the results of the so-called match fixing. If a fixed-match is being played, only a narrow circle of people who make money from it will know this.

10. Do not trust merely any statistics
Though statistics are capable of telling us a lot, but it is still not worth to rely on it. There are also concepts to consider such as motivation, the atmosphere of the team, player injuries, etc. Remember that it is not the statistics that plays on the field, but real people, so there may be any or even the most fantastic scenarios.