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Basketball betting strategy.


Bookmakers offer a variety of markets to bet on, where an observant player can always make money. It does not matter what a sport you have to deal with – football, basketball or tennis. The most interesting matches for bets, according to many cappers, are a variety of handicaps. Their advantages are obvious – you need to guess just what will be scored more or less, than to guess a certain number of goals or points scored (and how many – it does not matter). But there is one more thing – if you put 2 bets on the odds for the opposing teams, and score in the game would be “between these handicaps” – then we win both bets! These bets are called “corridors”, and that’s what we talk about.

About this strategy

As you correctly understood, this strategy is a bet on one sporting event and on different teams, which wins by a certain outcome of the game (“corridor”).

Let’s take a closer look at a basketball game. Example: NBA match “Utah Jazz” – “Orlando Magic”. Favorite in the match is Jazz. We make a stake Handicap (-4) at a rate of 1.4 on Jazz and a stake Handicap (+8) at a rate of 1.9 on “Magic”.

Our “clean corridor” – if the final score will be such that Jazz will win with such discontinuity that both Handicaps will be winning, we will win both bets, in other cases – only one of them.


– Be careful. Different bookmakers handle the bets on the odds differently – if considering it will draw.

– The amount of betting on the “corridors” can be any of your choice. In most cases it is an equal amount in both bets.

– Try to choose “wider corridors” (i.e., with the largest gap on points) – to increase the chances of winning.

– “Betting corridors” are not necessarily put at only one sportsbook. Very often at the same office for one match the corridor is too “narrow” and therefore unprofitable. But at different shops odds may vary, and the Odds do so. Hence it is more profitable to put the “corridor wider”.