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Martingale system sportsbetting strategy – maximize your winnings.



The Martingale system is one of the oldest beting strategies in sportsbooks. Its main goal is to cut the loss of previous bets and make a profit. If the first bet (say $ 1) loses, then we wager for example, 1.5 dollars on a similar outcome, and so on. It would seem – what could be easier? But this system is a very dangerous strategy for your bankroll, without any preparation and analysis. Therefore, in this article I will try to elaborate on all the intricacies and peculiarities of this type of bet.

Types of Martingale Systems.

Martingale system is used to shave off time (until the players in sportsbooks makes a profit), and for prolonging time (just wager on the same outcome for the whole championship / cup). In the first case we are dealing with a single Martingale, and in the second case – Global.

The Single Martingale System: Assume that after analyzing matches in the Spanish Championship you see that Rayo Vallecano scored no more than 2 goals in their last 4-5 matches. You wager, for example, $ 1 on Individual Total Less than 2 goals for Rayo Vallecano, and in case of a loss event “making up lost ground”. Then you Bet $ 2 on the next game, and so on until you get the plus benefits for yourself (this usually entails a few matches).

The Total (Continued) Martingale System: The principle is the same, but the same outcome “making up lost ground” for a long period of time (usually, half of the season or the whole season). That is; you bet and if this wins, you wager the same amount for the same outcome on the next match. If you lose, then the sum of the next match increases so as to cover the loss of the previous bet, and even get a certain percentage of profit.

Features of the Martingale strategy

From the previous example, it is clear that:

– You need to have a rather huge bankroll for the Martingale system. It has occurred that many players believe that it is sufficient to have a small bankroll for this strategy, because each successive rate increases slightly, but it is not so. As with other strategies, Martingale can be without a winning series, and you will need to raise the bets at least twice on every round (depending on the odds at the sporting event). So, not every bankroll can withstand such increases.

– If you choose only one team (athlete) for the Martingale system, you might need to wait a very long time for the next game, especially when your team or athlete doesn’t win in a series. The only way possible for making up lost ground is selecting several teams, you can even do this with different championships. But here we will be going back to level 1 – the size of your bankroll.

– The most popular markets for Martingale system – Overall. However, this is not only in football, but in basketball as well.

Important to note that; you should Bet only on events with a odds greater than 2. That way it is possible to reduce the amount of Bet, and there are so many overpriced events in sportsbooks.

Martingale on both outcomes (Double – Martingale)

It is very good if you are very sure in your likelihood to guessing the outcome of games. But there are very protracted series without winning, in which the present strategy will not be enough even with a very large bankroll. Then we can turn to the support of the so-called “Double-Martingale System.”

For example, you play “Catch up on lost ground” on Total Less than 2 goals. If you win, you can Bet for “Catch up on lost ground” in the next match and then Totals Over 2 goals and so on. It is not difficult to guess, this strategy of Beting significantly reduces rate risk of falling into a winless series.

How much do I wager on Martingale to make profit?

Martingale does not require just a series endless bet on the same outcome. The wagered amount is also very important. This is determined by the magnitude of the odds. The winning amount that we want to get and the amount of bets that we have already spent in the case of a series of loses. If the Bet is won by applying strategy, wager any convenient amount on the next outcome. But, what if you lose the bet?

Of course, it is possible to continuously increase the rate twice, but for owners of large bankrolls and those that love to take risks, there is an option with the progression:

The bet amount (not the very first, but any subsequent one) = P + V / Odds, wherein:

– P: Bet on the previous Martingale loss

– V: The amount that you need to win. To learn this, you need to multiply the number of Martingale phases (for example, if this is a second bet in the sequence, then the number 2) by the winning amount for bet phase.

– Odds: Odds the present event

For example: We wager $4 in the previous Martingale on an event at a rate of 3 (should have won $ 12) and the bet was lost. It was the first unsuccessful bid, and then our present rate will be the second in a series of catching up on lost ground. The odds on it will be 2.4. So we need to wager: 4 + (2 * 12) / 2.4 = $ 11.