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Betfair Betting Exchange with the highest odds and features, no margin, unique betting model.

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About Betfair Exchange

Traditional bookmakers usually do not differ much from each other in terms of billing bets. Everywhere still with the self establish Odds by bookmakers themselves, moneyline of sporting events, multiple bet drawings, are all limited to a maximum rate. And if you want diversity, your choice is to consider Betfair betting exchange.

Betfair is that exchange, where your bets is bought by other players who wager for the opposite outcome of sporting events. And only you can decide what odds to wage, you can select (from 1.01 to 1000), but your odds will be located only in the event that someone else places a bet on such factor on the opposite outcome. This approach gives you infinite freedom of action.

Betfair Exchange – KYC

Do not forget that for starting the game and the possibility of withdrawing your winnings, you must verify your age and identity (Betfair KYC). To do this, you need to download the following documents in your account (scanned or photocopied):

– For personal identification (one of the documents):

– For complete identification (assuming you already uploaded document from the previous paragraph):

– A copy or picture of the front side of your credit card (assuming that you replenish your account with it), before downloading “power trowel” you should have all the digits of the card number except the last four in a graphics editor.

– Bank statement (if you replenish your account by bank transfer).

Betfair Exchange – Bets

Bets for an event on Betfair is called BACK and marked in blue, and a LAY is a bet against the event and marked in red. You can bet both for and against the event in an unlimited number of times in the same market before the game, and already during the match.

As you can see, in the Betfair you play against others just like you — other players — and not against a bookmaker. That is, you have no restrictions in the amount of bets, in the Odds, and maximum amount for bets. And thanks to the “free” Odds, they are no laid margin like in the traditional bookmakers. Instead, Betfair charges a small percentage on each winning bet (usually about 3-5 percent, depending on your country). Believe me; it’s quite a bit and get a lot less than if you wager at artificially low Odds.

There are graphs that illustrate changes in Odds at Betfair in every market. They show what was the odds at any given time. This gives an idea of how to change the “mood” in the market.


But this is not the only plus in exchange bets. Thanks to the “exchange-trader” model of bet sales, you can complete any rate before the end of the event with a guaranteed profit or loss, but less than the original rate. And all thanks to the fact that after placing a bet, unlike traditional bookmakers, you can continue to bet, and depending on the variation of the Odds. If you succeed with your first bet (for example, you placed bets for BACK on a football team, and she scored the first goal of the match), the odds LAY (which is Against) on this team will grow, and if you now LAY bet for an amount less than the original, you will ensure yourself a guaranteed profit before the game! And your winnings will be credited immediately to your account.

Do not forget that if no one will buy your bet, it will not be located. Therefore, for the successful tenderer should be particularly chosen markets.

Each market on the Betfair Exchange is as follows:

– “Matched”. This is the total amount of “transactions” (i.e. purchased bets). Do not forget that if no one will buy your bet, it will not be located. Therefore, the successful tenderer should have selected markets in which the sum of the bets is already being bought in large quantity (at least 15,000 pounds). Also, it is also possible for you to buy only a part of the bid.

– The present wagering factor is indicated under the Odds

– “Bet-slip”. Here you can enter the amount of the selected rate and adjust the Odds.

Betfair Exchange – Software

A unique opportunity to lock in profit before the match, gave an impetus to write a large number of programs for trading on the Betfair betting exchange. Thanks to the flexible and versatile API, many software developers write applications that allow trading in all Betfair sports markets with comfort, and even automatically! Agreeing to make profit “on the machine” is a very good prospect, you simply set the program algorithm based on its strategy and the program does all bets for you!

Let’s look at the most popular program for betting on Betfair, but first some explanations:

– Many programs have several kinds of display interfaces: “Grid” – a familiar interface that displays Odds, as well as on the Betfair website; “Ladder” – the so-called “ladder-interface,” where the Odds are arranged from top to bottom for ease of trade in-play.

– “Simulation Mode” (demo mode) — is a special mode in some programs, in which all functions are available in Betfair trade, but at the same time you do not invest your money and trade with virtual. This is a great option for those who want to try out their strategy or trading methods, without risking money.

The most popular free programs for trading on Betfair:

Advanced Cymatic Trader for Betfair (link): one of the best free programs for gambling on Betfair, it uses a full-featured access to the API without restrictions. There are two kinds of mapping Odds (grid and ladder), the ability to automatically switch between the markets of horse-racing (“Auto Pilot” function), so you can “hedge” profit in one click (Green Up).

A list of the most popular paid programs for trading on Betfair with the highest functionality:

Fairbot (link): one of the most popular programs for Betfair exchange with demo mode function. Has a simple and user-friendly interface, many additional features for fast bets. The program is available for a 15-day trial with full functionality for evaluating software.

The cost of the program is only $99 a year, you can buy via the link (using Visa / MC, Webmoney, and PayPal).

A Geeks Toy (link): the program in general, is very similar in functionality to Fairbot, there is also a demo mode. The main difference is that there are some improvements for the convenience of trading in the race. There are both Grid and Ladder interface. The program has a 14-day trial period, after which you will be offered to buy access to the program. Just sometimes in some forums, there is distribution of free access to the program or by buying “eternal license.”

Program cost: £20 for 3 months or 60 pounds for 1 year subscription. Can be bought using PayPal or Skrill.

Bet Angel Professional (link): the most famous in the world and one of the most advanced software for trading on the Betfair betting exchange with demo mode, other programs are often equal to it and adopt its innovative features. Functionality of the program is striking — it is a “combine” in one. In addition to the full functionality for trade with the practical absence of bugs, there is a very simple tool for the development of a fully automated trading — just by creating triggers, and they will work for you in a fully automatic mode! Triggers in the program are of two kinds — on the basis of EXEL macros and a WYSIWYG editor. You can install the software on a Windows server, and it will automatically trade 24 hours a day! There are also software tools for trading in football and tennis, which can predict Odds based on statistics.

The cost of the program: There is a 14-day trial. Subscription can be arranged at 1 day (five pounds), 1 month (30 pounds), 2 months (40 pounds), 3 months (60 pounds), 6 months (100 lb.), and 1 year (150 pounds). Can be bought using PayPal.

Auto Trading Fox (link): the original software with support for a demo account. This is a program for automated trading at the races (on selected races). ATF allows automatic bidding on BACK / LAY (or LAY / BACK) to provide a guaranteed income (hedging) for the selected trigger. Triggers with the selected settings are very easy, the program has a simple and intuitive interface. The program has no trial period.

The cost of the program is 117 pounds (license for one computer) or 147 pounds (license for 3 computers). Can be bought using: PayPal, Neteller, credit and debit cards.

Bet Bot Pro (link): Another software for automated trading on the betting exchange, similar to the previous one, also has a Training Mode. In BetBotPro a version not only for Betfair, but for Betdaq (with the purchase you get both versions), you can trade not only at races (as in the previous one), but also on dog racing, football and lots more. You can set the triggers manually (many options) and you can select the preset.

The cost of the program: there is no trial period. Cost of BetBotPro (eternal license with free updates) – £77 (for 1 computer) or £100 (for 2 computers).

Bf Bot Manager (link) — a program for automatic and semi-automatic trading on Betfair, with a demo mode. There are many options for automated trading on the set parameters, the selected list of markets, or selected conditions. The program “sharpened” for betting on horse racing and dog racing, but can be traded on any other markets. It can be installed on Windows VPS.

The cost of the program: There is a trial period for 5 days. You can purchase one of the license of your choice (the license is not time limited) – For 2 computers and 1 Betfair account (90 pounds) or for 4 computers and 2 Betfair accounts (135 pounds). You can buy using PayPal or bank transfer.

MarketFeeder Pro (link) — another well-known program for manual and automated trading on Betfair with support for a demo account. In Marketfeeder, there are a lot of settings that allow you to implement any strategy. Automated trading is implemented based on triggers that need to set personally in the settings and conditions. The program interface is specific, but quite understandable.

Cost of the program: 30-day trial available. Cost of license: Weekly (8 pounds), Monthly (25 pounds), 3 months (50 pounds), 6 months (84 pounds), Year (127 pounds). You can pay via: PayPal, Z-Payments, and Webmoney.

Bet Tornado (link) — a unique program of trade on Betfair sports betting exchange, for Apple iPad tablets with support for a demo account. The interface of the program has been specially adapted for complete ease of use on the iPads from Apple. It has all the features for manual trading, graphs, grid and ladder interfaces.

Cost of the program: No trial. Bet Tornado costs only 13 Euros (eternal license), which can be purchased on iTunes.

Betfair Exchange – Finance

Transfer method Deposit Withdrawal Min. amount (D/W)
Bank wire transfer £10/£10
Visa £10/£10
Mastercard £10
Ukash £8
Skrill £20/£20
Neteller £20/£20
Western Union £15
Webmoney £10/£10


Betfair Exchange – Support

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Betfair Exchange – Other information

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